Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Westering Women 2 and More

It's a pleasure making the 12" Westering Women blocks with their large pieces :)

I couldn't resist the buffalo print for this month's Indian Territory. 

In 1996 I made a Milestones & Memories quilt for my husband based on the same block

Ben's ancestral roots are represented in the corners: Spanish (upper left), Navajo (upper right), English (lower left) and Polish (lower right). 

He never knew his grandparents John Chavez and Louisa Autobee (1873-1933). Louisa was the daughter of Colorado frontiersman, Charles Autobee, and Estefana, a Navajo. 

Family lore pertaining to Ben's gr-grandparents, Charles and Estefana, is that Charles traded a white horse to Kit Carson for an Indian Captive (Estefana). He had her baptized in the Roman Catholic faith and then married her! So there you have it in a nutshell :)

The Heritage Quilt Project of NJ documented this quilt which is in the collection of The Morris Museum, Morristown, NJ. Several blocks contain the date "1853." Some are signed in ink and some in cross-stitch. It is believed the quilt was made by a missionary society of Newark, NJ, as a gift for missionary Elias L. Boring. Several members of the Boring family were Methodist missionaries to the Choctaws.

This block is in the lower left. Note the hands. 
Newark, NJ
June, 1853
Sarah Corwithe
Num. Chap. VI 24-26
Choctawe, IND. TER.

A treasured "Little Brave" applique picture my mother made in 1964 for her grandson's 1st birthday. She hoped to make one every year. 

Ahh, another unfinished project . . . 

Can you guess? This is the back panel of a wool jacket. 

And this is a sleeve. That's all machine applique. I wanted to add the leafy trim around the neck and down the front. This is as far as I got and I can't even find the rest of the fabric--or the pattern, lol!

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer


  1. When I made the Indian Territory block I thought wow this block would be great repeated over and over for a whole scrappy top. And now you have more than proven me right with the awesome Milestones quilt for your husband! Thanks for showing that! I agree - it's nice to be piecing 12 inch blocks!

  2. Thank you for sharing the "history" of your family 's husband... Your quilt is beautiful and it's a real tribute to this population... Love your block too !
    I have made mine too in 12" !

  3. what a great post - so much to enjoy. I really like your anvil quilt!
    What great Native history in your family and in quilts. Who knew?
    The jacket sleeve is wonderful. Sad that it has been lost to time.

  4. p.s. love the buffalo print - ta-tonka

  5. I love all the quilt blocks and the wonderful history. I'm doing geneology on my children's father's line which is Jaquez. Loyd Jaquez is my father in law. I'm trying to make a connection between the Jaquez and Autobee lines. Is anyone can help it's appreciated.