Wednesday, March 23, 2016

From Winter to Spring, Hooked Rug & Yo-Yo Coverlet

There was a big transition this weekend from freezing cold temps in Lake Placid to snow in NJ to daffodils blooming and a hawk visiting. 

Considering there wasn't much snow in the Adirondacks this winter, Whiteface Mountain managed to stay open--but barely! Temps were in the low teens this past weekend.

The view from the Lake Placid Olympic Center where we spent much of our time watching our grandson play hockey in the Can Am Tournament. 

And when you spend a lot of time in a hockey rink you get to watch the Zamboni resurface the ice. Ever see one painted to look like an SUV with a mountain in the background??

And speaking of mountains this is an early morning sunrise taken from our deck. It really looks like it could be fall instead of winter. Do you see the reflection in the water?  


Back home in NJ it snowed a little Monday morning . . .

. . .  and these poor daffodils were in need of some sunshine to perk them up. 


A Broad-Winged Hawk stayed still long enough for me to take some pics through the dining room window. Such a cute face but when he's around the little birds screech and scramble for cover :)


I did get to spend some time working on this little hooked rug. It's coming along but I'm not thrilled with it. First, had I noticed the design was too close to the border on the left I would have made an adjustment; second, not all the strips are cut from felted wool so they fray. Such a disappointment! I'll finish it but will not order from this person again.

How many yo-yos are in this huge coverlet? See below for the answer. 

Years ago someone at a NJ quilt show was giving this away so I volunteered to take it, lol!    

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer

And----the answer is 2,594! I can't imagine making that many, can you?


  1. Some very beautiful scenery pictures. We have had some snowfall here recently too and still brisk weather temps. It is always amazing to see a Hawk; but yes the little birdies must be aware and hide. Your hooked rug will be very nice when you are done; sorry you are less than pleased with some of it. And you scored on the Yo-Yo Quilt. So much work involved in the making. Hope your flowers see some sunshine soon.

  2. Love to see photos of where you live and those gorgeous daffodils. Must be really exciting to see hawks so close!
    what an amazing coverlet - someone really loved making yo-yos!

  3. The nature is waking up for our great pleasure ! This quilt is amazing .... wow !
    Thank you for sharing !

  4. Your cabin has such an incredible setting - just gorgeous.
    Great Hawk Visit! Daffodils are my favorite spring flower and they tolerate the snow pretty well. They always remind me of Dr. Zavago.
    The yoyo quilt is incredible - I can't imagine.
    sorry your disappointed with your rug design. I bet it will be great when finished.

  5. What a beautiful place to get away. Spring is being elusive in many places. Sorry you're disappointed with the rug pattern. It will have a more primitive look maybe. And no I can't imagine making all those yoyo's. Not even one