Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Almost Spring--Flowers!

Last Friday a friend and I went to the New Jersey Flower & Garden Show where we saw beautifully landscaped gardens and prize-winning flowers. There were ten Movie Classics-themed gardens, competitions, and lots of vendors. It was a nice "pick-me-up" for this time of year. I once made a quilt, Whispering Woods, featuring appliqued wildflowers and lots of pink and purple fabrics. And, I treasure two large floral applique pictures that my mother made--Violets and Black-eyed Susans.

 This Cyclamen was a blue-ribbon winner. It was absolutely gorgeous!

"Gone With the Wind" landscape.

 Lots of cotton! Can you imagine creating all these cotton plants? 

"Spy Pollinators Out the Rear Window"  featured a lovely garden of spring-flowering bulbs.  

This one is "Polar Expression: A North Pole Garden" with primroses and hyacinths. And lots of polyfil for snow.

A section of the "Willy Wonka" landscape with a pond. 

I made Whispering Woods specifically for Dreamscapes: The Patterned Imagery of Quilts, Works of 9 New Jersey Fiber Artists in 1989. I wanted to focus on the four wildflower blocks instead of the center of the quilt.

This one is Rose Mallow. My own challenge was to use at least one plaid and one decorator fabric to see if I could make them work together. The plaid fabric frames the floral applique and the curved decorator fabric surrounds the block.    

My daughter and I like to go on walks and hikes in search of wildflowers. A sweet little flower, Hepatica. 

This one is Purple Trillium found in Wilmington, NY.

My all-time favorite wildflower, Lady's-Slipper. Seen in the Adirondacks.

My mother appliqued "Black-eyed Susans" for her sister, Midge.

And "Violets" for her sister, Leila. Note the little lace rosette with a velvet bow.

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