Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It's Time to Play!

January's a great month to indulge in all sorts of projects so here's what I've got going on:   

I sewed my bowties together and came up with this idea for the corners. I used all 82 that I received from Barb V's swap plus 1 more that I had made as a sample at the very start. Now it's time to add a border. I had some extra Civil War fabric so cut a couple strips. . . but that's not the look I wanted at all! 

I had a few leftover 16-patch blocks and thought well, maybe . . . 

. . . but then I was online looking at some stripes. I captured this image using the Snipping Tool on my computer, saved it and printed it out. 

I did the same thing with a red stripe and pinned them both up on my wall. I think I'm liking the red stripe more and more. I'll have to see what the quilt shop has today. Only two more weeks before they close so am hoping to find some bargains!

I finally came up with a plan for my hexies but need to make enough for at least 3 more rows. There's a "million ways" to arrange them--it's kind of like shuffling and playing cards--but at the moment I like them this way.  

Here is the hooked rug kit I recently purchased. Another house and look at all those lush wool strips :)

As for my Stars quilt I try and quilt two blocks every night. I'm nearing the last row all the way around and hope to be done by the end of March. We'll see.

I put a safety pin in the center of each star block after it's been quilted. That way I know at-a-glance which direction to go next. Note the odd alternate square fabric in the bottom row. I actually ran out of the floral print and had to substitute. 

I started a new scrap project a couple of days ago but I'm not ready to show it to you yet. Stay tuned. . .

I'll also be participating in Barbara Brackman's Westering Women Block of the Month which starts next week. 

As always I look forward to March when Rachel, Dawn, and I get our "quilt fix" at the Quilt Fest of NJ :)

Happy Quilting!

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer 


  1. Your quilting on the Stars quilt is looking wonderful. I really like the use of the pillar stripe fabric in the border. Lovin' your hexies!

  2. You have been having some fun play time this month. Hope you
    Can find the perfect border for the bow ties. I like the red border printsho far. So many hexies with wonderful prints. You're a pretty fast hand quilter to be that far on your stars. Your addition of a different square of fabrics adds to the charm.

  3. I wish I'd read earlier that you ran out of the floral print for the alternate blocks. I'm 99% sure that I have yardage of it in my stash. I would have sent some your way. The replacement fabric you chose looks fine with your stars. You're just doing what a quilter from a different era would have done -- substituting. You have lovely projects underway.
    I'm looking forward to Barbara B's new BOM. I learned so much from her Stars lessons, but there's always something new to learn.

  4. I hope you found the red stripes for your outer border because for me, that's the best option !
    What wonderful projects for January ! Love all of yours !
    I'm in for the BOM of BB too of course !! :)

  5. What a clever way to audition a border fabric. Wouldn't have thought of that one.
    Your bow ties looks great and so do those stars! Your hand quilting looks great.
    Hooray for your Americana hexies!
    I can't wait for BB first block