Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sampler Blocks and Woven Plaid Stars

I thought I might like to try and reproduce some applique blocks from a NJ Sampler Quilt documented by HQPNJ and featured on p. 79 of our book, New Jersey Quilts.

The original quilt was photographed at The Drake House Museum in Plainfield, NJ. 

This is the first block I wanted to reproduce. It's the 4th one down on the left and I already had a head start.

My first attempt was back in 1996 when I made this small piece, Tulip, Sassafras and Maple. I put the block on point and added berries and tulip leaves.

This is the one I just completed. The block is 14" x 14."  To mark the applique lines on darker fabrics I use a black .01 Pigma Pen making sure to turn under the allowance so the lines are totally hidden.

And this is the one I'm working on now. Even washed that red--again, lol! There are several Oak Leaf and Reel blocks in the original quilt but I chose this one because . . . in the latest issue of Primitive Quilts there is a pattern for this block. I enlarged it 110 percent. How perfect!

Last week's stars were Woven Plaids.

Center . . . 

Points . . . 

Background . . . 

And paisley on plaid. Funny, this week's stars feature paisleys so you'll see more next week :-)

Happy Sewing!

Copyright 2015, Barbara Schaffer


  1. I'm carefully documenting each week's fabric lesson from Barbara, but no stars made yet. Yours are some of my favorites--enjoy seeing your fabric combinations. Maybe one of these days I'll start making my own. I won't need to go shopping for any of the fabrics.
    I really like your finished block with the center hearts. I haven't read back through previous posts. Are you planning to make the entire quilt?

  2. Your plaid stars looks great! I hope you have as much fun doing your album blocks as I am. Antique quilts are such great applique inspiration!