Monday, July 16, 2012

Needle Books

I was straightening up my sewing room today when I came across some needle books that I had completely forgotten about. I'm not really a serious collector of sewing ephemera but have managed to accumulate mason jars full of buttons, old sewing machine attachments, mail order patterns, pin cushions, thimbles, sewing kits, wooden thread spools, vintage fabrics, old quilt blocks, needle cases--and needle books. 

None of the needle books I have are dated. Some have where they were made, others the number of needles they contain.

Most of the needles are displayed on colorful foil. 

 Lady Prim Needle Book contains 70 Gold Eye Needles. Made in Japan. 

The back of Lady Prim has a scene of Old New York.

Note the fancy cut-outs where the needles are displayed. There's a needle threader, too. 

One could rocket into outer space with this needle book! 

Dear Madam: Please pardon me for taking the liberty of leaving this Needle Book at your home for your approval. It is offered for sale by a Veteran. Should you choose to keep the Needle Book, the price is only 35 Cents. This Needle Book is left entirely at my risk--please do not feel obligated. If you do not wish to buy, please return. 

In the event you cannot be at home when I call tomorrow, or you do not wish to be disturbed, it would be greatly appreciated if you could leave book or money with your neighbor, or on door knob.

Sold by a Veteran

Here is the inside with Nickel Plated Rust Proof Perfect Needles--and threader. 

Pico Needle Book. Made in Japan.

This book contains 40 needles--20 Gold Eye, 20 Silver Eye and Threader.

Bestmaid Needles. Made in Japan. There's a $2.00 price written in pencil.

This is by far the needle book with the largest assortment--100 gold and silver eye needles with threader.

Woolco Needle Book, 79 needles for 10 cents. Made in U.S. Zone Germany. There are only a few needles left inside this well-used needle book. 

I may have to look for more needle books to add to my small collection :)   


  1. I have a small collection of needle books myself. I have them in sheet protectors in a 3-ring notebook. Love the old graphics. Nice photos

  2. Thanks! I love the graphics, too. The rocket ship needle book reminded me of some vintage "rocket" fabric I have. Would be fun to put the two together.