Thursday, November 30, 2017

This 'n That Again

Not too much going on this week . . . 

. . . but I did manage to applique another leaf and combine it with more stars. The blocks are not sewed together. Still not sure where all this is headed.  

To applique the leaf I put freezer paper on the right side of the fabric, cut it out, then pin using small applique pins for a little extra reinforcement. I leave about 1/8" all around turning under as I sew. The paper stays on until I'm done. The result is a nice "crisp" applique.

I bought some new fabric online from Hancock's :)

Hundreds of birds made a stop in our backyard! I took these pics from inside. 

Cold weather makes me think of two crazy quilts I have that once belonged to my mother-in-law. I believe a friend had given them to her. This is one and it weighs a ton! It's made entirely of velvet scraps and tied with green yarn. 

And I better get crankin' if I want to make and finish this fish pillow for my brother's big birthday the end of December :) Stay tuned.

Have a great week!

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Oh yum! Now those are my colors and I look forward to seeing where these stars and leaves are heading. I love your new fabrics. Perhaps the leaf fabric spurred you onto your applique? I'm looking forward to seeing the finished fish quilt. I'll bet you are too! I like Grackles, but when I see a flock like this it makes me think of Alfred Hitchcock. Keep your head down!

  2. I really love the fabric you are using for the stars and leaves!!
    What a wonderful crazy quilt- the green yarn gives it a funky charm.
    Love the fish pillow!!

  3. Love the colors of your stars and leaf applique. I've tried the freezer paper on top method and it just wouldn't stay. Those little applique pins might be the trick. Your backyard looks like a movie scene from "The Birds". The crazy quilt is quirky and fun especially with those green yarn ties.

  4. I never used freezer paper but one day I will try it !
    This crasy quilt is stunning and precious from your MIL ! It's snowing today in France and the birds are in my yard too, searching for food... Winter is not the easier season for them but I helped them with seeds !

  5. That is a lot of birds! In the fall, we get flocks of birds swirling over the pond and landing on the cattails in the evening...they are quite chatty until darkness falls! Really like your colors in the pieced blocks - so bright and cheery.