Friday, April 7, 2017

Retro Roosters and A Cake

I really enjoyed participating in the Year of the Rooster Challenge sponsored by Two Thimbles Quilt Shop. The challenge was to interpret the theme, no smaller than 10" x 14" and no larger than 24" x 24", and to use the red fabric in a recognizable amount on the front.

I'm calling mine Retro Roosters. It's 15" x 18". Can you tell I was influenced by the Gypsy Wife style?? Mainly strips and vintage fabrics :) The rooster print in the middle is 57 years old. A friend of my grandmother's gave me a box of fabric samples when I was in high school and that was one of them. No, I didn't piece the checkerboard. I found that fabric in Lancaster many years ago.

More vintage on the back. Thank you, Wendy! The green roosters are very happy in their new home :) 

The label is another fabric sample from years ago :) I'm linking up with Lori at Humble Quilts so hop on over to see more.  

Today is our granddaughter's 16th birthday so I made her a "money cake." She'll get it tomorrow :)

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer




  1. Absolutely fabulous! I love this quilt. The back is just as great as the front. I love fun backings! I have never seen a money cake, but I'm sure she will LOVE it. Very clever.

  2. Great little quilt. It's so fun to see what everyone come up with.

  3. A creative cake. I'll have a big slice, please! And maybe seconds.
    I am not participating in the rooster challenge but am very interested in seeing what people have done with it. Great use of vintage fabrics in your piece.

  4. Darling! Those vintage roosters are so fun! I love the checkerboard too!!

  5. You used very original fabrics ! I love the green roosters ! :)
    Happy birthday to your granddaughter !

  6. Beautiful rooster quilt. That challenge was so much fun. A money cake is new to me. 'Betcha granddaughter will love it :)

  7. I love your rooster quilt - everyone's stories accompanying their quilt is great fun -- you must be so pleased to have found such a good home for your treasured fabrics on both the front and back!!

  8. Wee !
    your rooster quilt is so festive and fun. great retro fabrics.
    money cake? I want one! or to make one. very neat. It's my sons B-day today.

  9. Your rooster quilt is vintage all away around. It reminds me of a vintage style advertising poster. It's really well done. The black and white check ( sewn or not) sets it all off. I love the fact that you have a wonderful collection of vintage fabrics and that you use them! Okay, the next post has to be how to make a money cake!

  10. Delightful! What a perfect way to finally show off the pair of vintage roosters! I believe I have some of your green rooster print in another colorway. Maybe this will inspire me to get them out and do something with them...