Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Purple Stars, Flags Back and Oh, No!

I'm moving right along with Barbara Brackman's Stars In A Time Warp quiltalong and made the back for Flags of the American Revolution. Then one step back . . .  

Four very different purples.

Sometimes I don't even know what fabrics I have, lol! Barbara described this reproduction fabric in America's Printed Fabrics as ". . . a moire, a printed imitation of the embossed silk known as watered silk because of its resemblance to ripples in a stream."  

I found this fabric in with Natalie's goodies.

Another good reproduction purple. 

Last one.   

I made the back for the Flags of the American Revolution quilt last week. Each large square took 1 yard of fabric and all came from my stash. This style works well for me. I've used it before in two other quilts (see below). 

Here's a detail. With the front and the back done I had one more step . . . 

I needed to remove the blue marker I used for my applique lines. Well, guess what? The red fabric bled in my favorite block. I had pre-washed all my red fabrics after I experienced a similar situation with Lincoln's Woes so who knows what happened. I ended up removing not only the entire block, but the white (pink) streamers and one star in the lower left which had also picked up some of the red. I put all my "pink" pieces into a pot with HOT water and 1/2 packet of Carbona Color Run Remover and, thankfully, the red disappeared. I re-appliqued all and sewed the block back in this morning.  

Here is one of the other quilts with the same style back. The center block and strips are 12".  You can read my post about this quilt here.

And here's the back of Cabin Fever with 4" center and strips.

After a dusting of snow yesterday, I'm still waiting for spring to arrive :)

Happy Wednesday!

Copyright 2015, Barbara Schaffer

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  1. great purple stars and I love your backings! Perfect center for the Flags quilt.