Thursday, March 19, 2015

The North Country and Chrome Yellow Stars

We're in the North Country for a long weekend and to watch our grandson play hockey at the Olympic Center in Lake Placid. There's still snow on Whiteface Mountain but sections of the Ausable River are beginning to open up--a sign that spring is on its way :)

Early morning sunrise on the Ausable River.

Lots of skiers at Whiteface today.


Our neighbors tap the Maple trees.


I've decorated one of the bedrooms in our cabin with Native American items and souvenirs. Mocassins, autograph books, and photo albums are a few of the things I've collected. 

I have two Native American wool blankets displayed on a rack. 

A painting on wood. 


A child's vest from Niagara Falls. 

A Campfire Girls costume with the following inscription: Miss Hannah R. Weidner Oley, PA. 19-20-21 Joined 1919 Oley High School


Two books and a card illustrated by Tom Dorsey aka Tom Two Arrows who lived next door to Aunt Midge and Uncle Warren in the late 1940s. His artwork is part of the collection at the Albany Institute of History & Art. 

I couldn't resist buying this a few years ago at an antiques shop in Lake Placid. I remember making a similar one when I was in grade school.


Here are my Chrome Yellow stars from last week's quilt-along. 



This week it's Green Calicoes :)

Copyright 2015, Barbara Schaffer


  1. I loved seeing your Native American collection! wonderful decor theme.
    great chrome blocks!! I have to catch up today.

  2. I like the chrome yellows in your stash.

    The Niagara Falls vest brings back memories. Not that I ever had one but I remember being at the falls a couple times as a child. I remember the souvenir shops with all the things that appealed to me. I purchased a flag/pennant style souvenir and a reel of the Falls for a View Master.