Thursday, March 12, 2015

Strippy, Stars, Oak Leaf, and a Visitor

I machine quilted this Nine Patch Strippy in small cables and large x's. It is one of several small pieces I made last year with machine quilting in mind. I had some 5" pre-cuts on hand and used the 9-patch piecing method as shown on Barb Vedder's blog.

Some of you may remember this wonderful conversation print from years ago. It's all one piece of fabric featuring ships, horses, dogs, etc.

 Here are my Indigo Blue stars from last week's quilt-along. 

This fabric is c. 1987. How do I know?

Because in 1987 HQPNJ was in its organizational stage and there was a group of quilters who made this top and that blue fabric was one of the fabrics they used. We had adopted the Oak Leaf and Reel as our logo and thought we'd be seeing lots of blue and white quilts when we began our documentation project but we were in for a surprise.

There's actually enough fabric to do an appliqued vine border if I'm ever so inclined, lol!

Caught in the act! This deer was nibbling on a bush near our back door.

Copyright 2015, Barbara Schaffer

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  1. I very much like the Oak Leaf and Reel quilt design.