Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Flags of the American Revolution Update

Here are the four flags I made during September as part of Lori's Flags of the American Revolution Quiltalong.

This is what they look like alongside my eagle block.

Block 2. Appeal to Heaven. Kinda hard to see the lettering but it's there. 

Block 3. Bunker Hill.

Detail. Not surprising that most ALL the fabrics in my stash are geared toward reproduction quilts. 


 Block 4. The Pine Tree Flag.


Detail. I have a lot of brown fabrics but none seemed right for this tree so I chose another green. 

Block 8. Pine Tree.  Same tree as Block 2 but different fabric. Lots of curves to applique in all trees. 


I used the reverse side of the gold and white ticking stripe (lower right) for the background of this flag. Trying to use what I have. 
I'm really looking forward to the next assignment :) What will it be??

Copyright 2014, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Nice work Barbara LOVE the blue in Bunker Hill! Did you see the next assignment? Stripes:)

    1. Yes, I saw the next assignment and can't wait to get started! Lots of little stars. Will look for buttons, or . . . :)

  2. Nice blocks! I too really like the blue in the Bunker hill block.

  3. It is interesting to see what blue fabric each person has used for the one flag block. Each different and with its own flavor.

  4. Nice blocks. Isn’t it fun to see all the different fabrics people choose for these blocks.

  5. Very nice Barbara! I like what you are using from "your stash"! I have a nice size stash but struggled with finding what I wanted, but in the end, everything has worked out……so far! Great idea for using the back of the fabric for one of the backgrounds. I know to do this but usually forget.