Thursday, July 10, 2014

Historic Waterloo Village and Quilts

The weekend before the 4th a friend and I went to the Canal Day Festival at Historic Waterloo Village in Stanhope, NJ. Waterloo is a 19th century village along the Morris Canal in a tranquil setting of historic homes and mills. 

I have fond memories of Waterloo . . . 

In September 1987 The Heritage Quilt Project of NJ had one of its organizational meetings at the parsonage next to the Methodist Church. 

In October that same year Garden State Quilters held its quilt show at the picnic pavilion. My quilt A Christmas Card was on display.   

Fast forward to 1997 when I worked one day a week at the Quilt Barn and documented the Village's small quilt collection. See pics below. 


I'd visit the Seamstress Shop across the way and let the sheep out of their pen at feeding time :)  

Of the six quilts in their collection, this Sunburst was my favorite.

Love the blue floral background fabric.

 Basket with swag border.

Chips and Whetstones with a lot of fabric deterioration. 

Star of Bethlehem, c. 1930. 

Old Maid's Ramble Variation, c. 1880. 

Split 9-Patch, off center. 

I spotted that quilt in the Rutan Cabin on our recent visit. 

I wonder what happened to the rest of the quilts?

Copyright 2014, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Your Christmas Quilt is absolutely beautiful. Is there a pattern for it or did you fashion the blocks yourself? Don't you just love the connection of old quilts. I bet running into the split 9 was like seeing an old friend:)
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. I drew the patterns for the blocks from a Christmas card I had received. Yes, it was good to see that Split 9 again :) Thanks for visiting!